Ladies and Gentlemen

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Small carnivores and dragons-- Witchfinder is now up! witchfindercoverfinalFor now it's only available in ebook and only from Amazon, but it should come out, shortly, from the other outlets and be out in paper in the next two weeks. To read the beginning, go here To buy go here

A Few Good Men one of 5 finalists for the Prometheus Award!

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9781451638882-e1376442690261 Buy the Book Read More


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            An Omnibus of the first two books in the Shifter series.  To replace those that have been read to shreds and to allow fans to have a copy of the first in paper, since it's long since vanished from the shelves.Night Shifters OMNIContains: Draw One In the Dark Gentleman Takes a Chance Buy the Omnibus

Coming Soon, From Goldport Press

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witchfindercoverfinalIn a multi-verse where every world, magical and non-magical is linked, the King's Witchfinder of Avalon used to lend aid and succor to those with magical power in worlds where it was forbidden.  Then the king forbade it.  And yet, Seraphim Ainsling, Duke of Darkwater, can't help but try to help those who need him.  Even Continue reading the story "Coming Soon, From Goldport Press"

The Musketeer Mysteries

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I'm excited to announce that Goldport Press has been bringing out the Musketeer Mysteries, originally published by Prime Crime.  These books take Dumas' Musketeers and give them a secret life as purveyors of justice in a dashing but merciless age. coverfinalbright Buy the book Read a Sample For the other Musketeer Mysteries and the order of the Continue reading the story "The Musketeer Mysteries"

The Shakespeare Trilogy

Initially published by Ace/Berkley to raving reviews, this trilogy was a victim of its publishing date at the end of 2001. illmetbymoonlightnovember I'm not going to pretend it is my most representative series, though it is representative of my morbid fascination with Shakespeare and Tudor England.  It is however a magical reconstruction of Shakespeare's life, and very well Continue reading the story "The Shakespeare Trilogy"

No Will But His

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No Will But His, in a new edition by Goldport Press has been doing so well that I'm trying to figure out the time to write more of Henry VIII's unfortunate queens.

final coverShe was his Rose Without a thorn, he was Her Sovereign Lord.  In any way this went, it couldn't end well.

Continue reading the story "No Will But His"

Noah’s Boy

noah'sboy Tom is a dragon shifter.  He figures his life doesn't need any other complications.  Life, unfortunately has other ideas... like making him head of all dragon shifters in the world... and an old Chinese dragon trying to arrange a marriage for him. The third in my Shifter Series, from Baen books.  Also, the most stunning cover I've Continue reading the story "Noah’s Boy"

A Few Good Men


The First Book of The Earth Revolution


Lucius Dante Maximillian Keeva thinks of himself as a monster, until he emerges from solitary confinement into a world far more monstrous than anything he could imagine, and finds himself becoming, against his best judgment, the protector of the weak and the Continue reading the story "A Few Good Men"

Darkship Renegades

Starship Renegades Final

The Sequel to Darkship Thieves, where Athena discovers that home is the place you'll fight for. Read A Sample Buy The Book